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TGI's 3 Main Business Units

Electronic Medical Device Research, Product Development & OEM

TGI is your trusted partner in the realm of energy electronic medical devices, offering exceptional research, manufacturing, and OEM services.

With a focus on groundbreaking energy electronic medical products, we deliver top-tier OEM solutions to the healthcare industry. Our range encompasses non-invasive medical instruments and wearable devices, revolutionizing health monitoring and promoting well-being in everyday life. Backed by our expertise in engineering and state-of-the-art production facilities, we ensure the utmost safety and reliability of our offerings, tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Through dynamic collaborations with medical institutions and visionary enterprises, we pioneer advancements in medical technology, continuously enriching lives and empowering individuals to embrace optimal health and wellness.


Public Transportation Vehicle Light Control Module

TGI excels in the field of public transportation, focusing on providing high-quality vehicle lighting and advertising control modules and solutions.

Our vehicle control modules integrate advanced electronic technology and professional control algorithms, offering safe and comfortable lighting and advertising experiences for both public and private transportation. These modules monitor vehicle status in real-time and precisely control indicators, lighting, and advertising systems, providing a secure and smooth travel experience inside and outside the vehicle. We are committed to providing reliable control modules that enhance the efficiency and safety of public transportation systems, bringing convenience and comfort to your journey.

Aerospace & Defense Technology R&D and Manufacturing
Yacht Cabin Control Module


We specialize in innovative aerospace technology and high-quality manufacturing services for aviation, military, and yacht cabin control modules. Our commitment is to meet customer needs, ensure product safety and reliability, and drive continuous innovation in the industry.